Irie By Gravitti Band Ft Shamir And Sage Video Review.

Irie By Gravitti Band Ft Shamir And Sage Video Review.

Mar 12 2018

13-year-old reggae band Gravitti is a popular local band with immense success under their belt. Some of their projects include 'Sweetie' featuring Nameless and 'some reggae'. On this track they feature another Kenyan reggae heavy weight-Shamir. They also bring on talented vocalist Sage one of the 'So Alive' song. Contrary to normal slow reggae beats, this team decides to keep the tempo a little upbeat. Miss Okinda kicks off the introduction of the song with the chorus followed by her fire verse. This rastawoman kills it as she paves way for Shamir who comes on next. The video begins with a panoramic shot of the artists making their way into the studio. The backyard is lash green adding more life to the video. Producers Adam Eston and Don Mbago did a nice job to give us a live-from-studio video. At some point it feels like a serenade in your lounge. Everything is live from the piano, guitar,drums to the singing artists. The whole studio set up is just entertaining. After Miss Okinda comes Shamir and does what he does best. His well planned verses never disappoint. He maintains the party theme. Basically this song is about positivity,the good good vibes. Its funny to imagine there was a time I thought Shamir was Jamaican! His versatility is on another level. Now that I know he is one of our own, I now love his music much more. Exit Shamir enter Sage and her voice was meant for this! she takes me away. She has been improving since her collaboration with Octopizzo many years ago on 'So Alive'. She fits in well in this track and has good chemistry with Miss Okinda evident from the last minute behind the scenes. Her dressing is also on fleek complete with a maasai shanga (necklace). She represents the African woman who is in love with her culture.Same to Miss Okinda with her bracelets. She does the chorus. If I had to rate this song I would give it an 8/10. It is good to see local artists trying out new fields like Sage trying out Reggae. Special mention to Royal State Pictures,good work people!! Check it out here :

They Came,They Saw...Then Vanished!!!

They Came,They Saw...Then Vanished!!!

Jan 27 2018

In today's article,I take you down memory lane so fasten your seatbelts,come lets take a ride.2000 babies, you will have to forgive me,you were either being breastfed or learning to walk.Only 22 and over can relate to this.Honestly, who remembers a song like 'Anisa' by Bedbug and Kingsting?We focus on musicians and showbiz personalities who graced the entertainment scene at the start of the century. They exited the scene rather quietly and not much has been heard from them since.Today we smoke them out of their hideouts.Have a good read. 1.BEDBUG & KINGSTING This was Mombasa's best duo at one time.They gained massive fame after releasing 'Anisa' which ruled the charts for a very long time.By charts here I mean, Show ya Kizazi Kipya hosted by Carol Robbi and Maureen Medza on KBC radio and may be Top 9 at 9 on Capital Fm,those were the shows that ruled the airwaves then.One half of the duo was George Owino aka Kingsting while Bedbug was a Ugandan national living at the coast.Kingsting remained lonely after Bedbug left to take care of their family business back home and eventually he took a break from music in 2007.Later in 2010,there was a hype about him making a come back but he did not capture the audience.He then retreated to other projects.He now has an events company Tamasha Ent. and is now a family man married to wife Sharon and they have been blessed with a daughter Shantel. 2.MARYA She of the hit 'tumekuja chokoza' in which she teamed up with her friend Avril.Marya had been through a lot before she became a public figure.She lost her parents at a tender young age and was raised by foster parents,she even calls them mum and dad sometimes unknowingly because they are the only parents she has had.She became a household name in 2007 after her hit single 'mahaba'.Her star continued to shine brighter and she fell in love with Deux Vultures rapper Colonel Mustafa.However,their love was short-lived owing to allegations of infidelity and finger pointing from both sides.After the separation she found true love in one man only identified as Kelvin Mutisya.The last time we heard from Marya,she had a baby.We wish her well in her new family roles. 3.OUSMANE Recognized as one among Kenya's reggae pioneers.I loved(I still love) his 'VIP love' track,that is among hits I call evergreen.The mellow voiced artist managed to survive in this industry for years without a controversy,like Jua Cali.Ousmane Maregwa,his official name provided reggae lovers with hits such as Dunda,Coming Home,Little star,Rising sun and they all became club bangers.Vip love made him win Best New Act at Chat Awards in 2003.He was named Best Reggae Artist in 2005 at the now defunct Kisima Awards.In 2012 he was shocked as Safaricom's Skiza tune awarded him most downloaded song-VIP Love.Since he left the mic,he now runs 211 Ent and also owns a recording studio,44 Records on Thika Superhighway. 4.THE LONGOMBAS Made up of siblings Lovi and Christian and related to Congolese Lingala maestro Awilo Longomba.This duo gave us sweet vocals blending Lingala and kapuka that made their music stand out from the rest.A hit like Queen which many of us can comfortably sing along word by word,is still relevant to date.The last time I checked,Christian had a serious medical problem that required special attention.He had a brain tumour and somebody had to come out to appeal to Kenyans to foot his hospital bills.So basically,this guys are now broke,the curse of money-today here tomorrow gone . Lovi, on the other hand,is said to have started a church after seeing the light.His church,Revelation Church of Jesus is in Hollywood California.The church members are mainly young people drawn from across different races.While Lovi saves souls,Christian promised to make a comeback after attaining full recovery. 5.MR.LENNY Mr.Lenny quit music after failing to compete with the likes of E-Sir,K-rupt,Nameless ,Deux Vultures,Longombas and Big Pin.These artists were sizzling hot and were the face of Ogopa deejays.Mr Lenny says that the only sane studio then was Ogopa and it had all the big names so they would ignore the small artists.He would only survive on collabos until they started to refer to him as the king of collabos.But he wanted to have his own projects,due to the survival for the fittest wars,he was unable to record an album at Ogopa.He eventually left the label and did his album elsewhere but it did not do well as he expected. Seeing that he had lost relevance,he made up his mind and gave in.He recently joined Grandpa records but much has not been heard from him either. 6.AMANI Vocally blessed and beautiful songstress, Cecilia Wairimu is now 38.She was the bad girl during them days with the likes of Nyashinski and Collo(the old one before he got saved).She decided to stay out of the public eye to look after her family and business. She imports her braids under her Amani brand.She joined Emmy Kosgei and Vera Sidika to the growing list of female celebs who got married to Nigerian men.She broke up her relationship with AY after close to ten years,who does that?She has not quit the industry and asks you all to keep your eyes and ears open. 7.CHANTELL She was a one-hit wonder after featuring veteran rapper Abbas Kubaff in their hit 'toklezea'.She was raised in Limuru before her family moved to Nairobi.His father was of mixed race being half Indian and half Kenyan.He owned a car yard which enabled him to school his children,4 boys and Chantelle being the only daughter.She says that growing up among boys made her become a tomboy. She was at many times found on the wrong side of the law at the strict Consolata School.She later got married to saved producer J-Blessing although still struggling with smoking and alcoholism.Tragically,they lost their first child Kyle three years ago and laid him to rest in Lan'gata Cemetery. Due to her husband's advice, she later quit drugs.The grief of losing a child devastated her but we wish them a fruitful marriage. 8.DEBBY ASILA Debby attended Buruburu Girls' high school.She was a member of the early 2000s all-girl group Tattuu.The group was made up of her,Angela Ndambuki and Angela Mwandanda.Debby has had a long journey in this showbiz industry before settling in her Finance career.Some of their songs include;Teso,Haiya,Songea,Parapanda and come back to me.Her stints on TV include Papa Shirandula,Family ties,Bold Girls and All Girls Together.At one time,Debby and her friends were video vixens in Nameless' music videos such as Mannerless,Megarider and Majitu.She was a presenter at Kiss 100 from 2004-2009.She was also a host at K24's Talii Uenjoi show between 2007 and 2008.From Kiss she joined Uptown radio and worked there for a year before she moved to KBC owned Venus fm.After radio she focused on her career landing a job at PPP Media and later MCSK.Her daughter Milan, whose father is a seasoned Kiss 100 presenter, is growing up real fast. Asila is now a financial advisor at Primerica. 9.DJ IZRAEL Probably the most respected pioneer DJ alongside DJ Pinye and DJ Stano.However,unlike Ousmane,his name has been mentioned adversely in scandals. In 2016,MCSK terminated his contract after he was accused of soliciting bribes from upcoming artistes.It is said he promised to get their songs played in over 40 radio stations and TV channels which he was "privileged to have access to".Artists condemned the DJ wondering who had given him the authority to promote their music locally and abroad. He responded by dissing them back "..and you will still remain underground,you and your class,Phil,Qty and everyone there" he said. Phil,a gospel artist went ahead to claim that Izrael had tried to solicit 50k from him. 10.ATTITUDE This fellow moved to the US and that's how we forgot about him as they say,out of sight,out of mind.His real name is Malimo Chahonyo Andega and was a member of Phoenix Records. In an interview,he said that he had business ventures in the states.He says he has done more than 4500 songs! besides staging shows.The last we heard from him he was compiling an album of 15 songs picked from 50 songs he had made.His album would feature American's Young J,Akon,Jay Z and our very own Mercy Myra who he once had an affair with.The album had to be worked on by producers Mannie Fresh and Kurupt.He also said he was planning to start a dreadlock's products business.The tattoo lover also has 245 Tattoos shop in Atlanta.His relationship with Mercy Myra gave them a daughter they named Taylan



Dec 20 2017

Straight outta Detroit, he’s back! Let me assume everyone here is a fan of Eminem, I think everybody should, not unless you are a republican. Talking of Republicans, Em really whitewashed Trump on these album! You gotta chill bruh!He is entitled to his opinion though, let’s see yours at the comments section. Before I forget, Em is 45,Yees 4 5!How time flies, just yesterday I was a high school kid free styling 'love the way you lie' with untold ease.Best selling rapper of all time with his 9th Album, keeping up with up comers and not disappointing at all. 1.WALK ON WATER FT BEYONCE. Wow, I love this new Beyoncé, nursing babies but still going strong, she has been on a number of hit songs of 2017.On this gospel themed track, Bee provides the honest to God chorus " I walk on water but I ain’t no Jesus". Eminem does the verses justice with lines like "why expectations so high/is it the bar set? “The song is close to albums made with Johnny Cash. 2.BELIEVE. This second track has a contemporary feel made possible by minimal piano lines with a trappish lean. Em tries to show the youngins that he is still the bad guy,age not withstanding.He uses an internal-rhyme scheme in Midwestern cadence. This track borrows much from 'The way i am' and 'cleaning my closet' but results in a completely new feel good 2017 Eminem song. 3.CHLORASEPTIC FT PHRESHER. Phresher is a surprise invite MC and the only one that gets to work with Em on Revival. From Jay Z's background, Brooklyn, most known for his successful hit ' wait a minute' a year ago that sent ripples across USA. It got remixed by hip-hop bad heads Remy Ma, Riff Raff,50 Cent & Royce da 5'9.Em calls himself the "Simon Cowell of rhyming "am schoolly D,your are spoonie gee'' he raps. The beats to this song are provided by Eminem's long time partner-in-rhyme Kon Artis (Denaun Porter) from the group D-12. 4.UNTOUCHABLE A Trump diss, this is probably the most talked about song on this album. He started this attack at the BET Awards but now comes recharged with more vitriol spewing like a puff udder. This is Em's most ambitious political statement ever since 'White America' 15 years ago denouncing racism. In the songs first 3 minutes he takes the perspective of a white cop, profiling and terrorizing black communities. Guitar samples are done by Mr Porter likened to Jay Z's '99 Problems’. In the other half he is a black American in 2017.(Em considers himself black having grown up in Detroit) He addresses police brutality, segregation & hiring discrimination. 5.RIVER FT ED SHEERAN This one was done in March 2016 while Sheeran was touring Australia. It is produced by Emile Hayne. It is this duos first ever collabo and it does exceptionally well as a first. 6.REMIND ME (INTRO) 7.REMIND ME Here Eminem samples his 2013 album 'Berserk' but both borrow from Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Billboard top 3 hit song 'I love rock and roll'.Em unleashes what Nairobians would call 'Ufisi'.He is crowing about a big booty woman with silicone breasts like that of the late Ana Nicole Smith. Take a look at this 'mafisi' lines "excuse me mama, Am just too raw AF" In an interview he said " I don’t consider myself smart enough to know what everybody's going to think, so i just do what feels right from me" 8.REVIVAL INTERLUDE 9.LIKE HOME FEAT ALICIA KEYS A soaring chorus from Alicia Keys and master production from Alex da Kid. Eminem is still not done with Donald Trump. He continues with his Anti-Trump war that he started in 2016 with 'campaign speech' and rekindled at BET Awards this year. 10. BAD HUSBAND FT X AMBASSADORS Eminem brings on Skylar who is also his co-writer and daughter Hailie Jade Mathers. He touches on the volatility of male-female relationships in the same fashion he did 2010 hit 'love the way you lie' in which he featured Rihanna. Eminem alternates between addressing daughter Hailie and ex-wife Kim Scott. The song has melancholic feel thanks to producer Alex da Kid while the moving chorus is done by the group X Ambassadors. 11.TRAGIC ENDINGS The rapper remains in his comfort zone-romance but this time exploring vicious co-dependent romance. "There's just something bout her/That makes me not able to function without her/This idea of seeing me happy destroys her in itself" The hook is provided by Skylar Grey who also helped write 'Love the way you lie’. This track is also produced by Alex da Kid. "I'm dying to breath and all you do is strangle me?/What a relief" sings Skylar. 12.FRAMED Here Eminem gives advice on how to get away with homicide. He samples oldies like 1997 Bonnie and Clyde while relying on the simplest beats. Two guitar licks and an unchanging drum drop and violent content. 'Dog how the f**k is Ivanka Trump in the trunk of my car? Framed 'There's a missing person so what? He’s got nothing to do with me/I'm almost certain I was framed. Raps Eminem. 13.NOWHERE FAST FT KEHLANI Eminem defies terrorist attacks at one moment and his rap competition in the next. 'For MCs its a funeral when I’m awake and you are mourning that's why I rise and shine' Kehlani provides atmospheric melodic accompaniment that he appears to favor everywhere on Revival. He sings sentimental lines 'living fast and dying young/'Never looking back and we're never getting old/cause the skies are black but our hearts are made of gold' Kehlani was happy to be on this album "Honored to be on this album, and in such amazing company" she wrote on Instagram " I cant wait for the world to hear this" 14.HEAT Surprisingly, Eminem finds common ground with Trump in this lusty song 'Grab you by *** hope its not a problem in fact' 'About the only fact I agree with Donald is that' Em is easy on this track even taking a moment to shout out his producer Rick Rubin 'come on, little mama, you are hot enough to melt Rick's beat' Rubin provides skeletal rap accompaniment like 'Berzerk'-distorted guitar and scratching vinyl sputter high in mix. This song borrows from Boogie Nights. 15.OFFENDED This track features the most technically impressive passage display of speed. Eminem is still the fastest rapper, he squeezed syllables into 12-13 seconds and that must be a new record. This track borrows from 'Just don't give a f**k'. Eminem turns bad influence from listeners hatred of him to a badge of honor or suit of armour. 16.NEED ME FT PINK This is Eminem's second collaboration with pop star, Pink. They first worked together on a track known as 'Revenge' that featured in the album 'Beautiful Trauma' .However, ‘Need me' is a sharp contrast to the first track with its bombastic power ballad dominated by Alex da Kid. Pink kicks off with two verses and a chorus before Eminem comes in for the better part of the song. He harmonizes with Pink his voice gradually appearing during her second verse. 17. IN YOUR HEAD 'In your head' opens with Dolores O'Riordan's voice beamed in from 1994's sample of Cranberries hit 'Zombie'. It has been produced by Scram Jones who works with Jadakiss, Ghostface Killah but he now gets his chance to work with Eminem for the first time. In this track, Eminem is castigating himself over mistakes he has made in his music career. 18.CASTLE This track takes the form of a letter complete with pen and paper sound effects with a similarity to 'Stan'.Its a letter from Mathers to daughter Hailie. The first letter is written in 1995 before his daughter's first birthday. The second letter is in 1996 weeks to her third birthday. The songs third verse is a letter for her twelfth birthday where it gets emotional as Eminem talks of his low point in 2007 where he escaped death by a whisker following an overdose on Methadone. 'Your dad's at the end of his rope, I’m sliding down a slippery slope/Anyway sweetie , I better go, I’m getting sleepy...Love, Dad, Shit.. I don't know' he raps. 19.AROSE This track is a sample from the album and film 'Rose' by Bettle Midlers done way back in 1979.From another perspective, one would say it's a continuation of track 18.Castle.He revisits his 2007 overdose and speaks to his family and his longtime D-12 group mate, Proof who sadly passed on in 2006. 'am pledging to throw this methadone in the toilet' he says, perhaps to insinuate that he has slowed down on drugs. Good album we got here,17tracks of pure hardcore rap. Listen close, Eminem can be incoherent sometimes. Turn up the volume on your sterio, lets sample this musically. My rating? 7/10.



Dec 05 2017

TIMryan is an artist on the block trying to make a break into the limelight. He is continuing to make great moves in the rap industry but also does good on his choruses making him a good singer. He has put together an end-year project, an EP titled Faith and Grace. The Beats are nice and easy not too fast nor too slow.The EP is produced by Kevin Osio AKA Kevins Carter, 14 tracks and 41 Minutes 44 seconds long. Let's have a closer look at each track: ALONE The first track of the EP is titled Alone. It brings out rapper TIMryan as a God fearing artist. He proves to the world that you do not need to have a rough voice the likes of Future to be a good rapper. In this song he is talking about the importance of keeping a good relationship with God through hustling. The song has a slow but danceable beat. LIKE DAT is a song that emphasizes on working hard. TIMryan urges the youth to keep on keeping on. He advises them to be never afraid of making losses. He expresses his love for religion and asks the youth to praise Thee. GOT ME dwells in self power. The art of believing in one's self. We are asked to trust in ourselves rather than trusting in other people. The video is of middle quality but its a plus to have it shot in a natural environment with kids playing in the background. Check it out on YouTube. LOW is track number 4 and it reflects on where he came from. Track 5 is in his local dialect (Kikuyu) titled 'Tura Hau'.I didn’t quite make out the meaning but a friend of mine says it means breaking through. It is a good give back to community project and we advise all urban-based artists to embrace it. LOUD has a slow beat good for meditation and relaxation. Track 7 is the title track FAITH AND GRACE .This is the most unique track on the EP. It is in a poetic form or was he trying out Spoken Word? He calls it an analogy of his life. In it, he tells the story of an African child. He Talks about how important it is to make a difference in the world by the grace of God. NOT HAVING IT' is 8th,'ilovedointhisshit' is 9th and at 10 we got TALK ABOUT IT. The 8th track talks about his life having been born in 1993(he got a tattoo on this) and 3 being his lucky number. He shows the passion he got for his career in the 9th track, saying he can not tire from it, even doing it all day while throwing shade at haters as most rappers do. TALK ABOUT IT has a quick upbeat-tempo again reflecting on his past hardship life but making it to live his dream. He says life is not a walk in the park, you better trust Him. YMWAD (Young Man With A Dream). In this track boy child lets us in to his dreams and tells the youth to keep fighting in the next track TAKING IT BACK LA FAMALIA is a song to thank his family. He attributes his success to his family. His family is wide though Kenya, East Africa and Africa as a whole. SOULFUL is the closing track of this EP. True to its name its really soulful. Everything is soulful from the instrumentals to the lyrics. This is an emotional track that augers well with the fans expectations as we close the EP. VERDICT. The album is 6/10 but can be better if the artist can tone down on Western trap-style and be local to get local fans hooked. I also hope to see collabos in his next project especially with females. Good voice like Kendrick Lamar, keep it up! Check out the full EP on Sound Cloud and Boomplay

Pomp And Colour At The VMAs As Kendrick  Lamar Shines.

Pomp And Colour At The VMAs As Kendrick Lamar Shines.

Sep 01 2017

MTV Music awards went down last Sunday, this year's edition being the 34th.The awards celebrated music videos released from June 25,2016-June 23,2017.This year's awards ceremony was held at The Forum,California and was hosted by popstar Katy Perry.To say Kendrick Lamar shone is an understatement though I cannot find a better word to use. He bagged 6 awards having had the most nominations with 8 categories,all these for his single "Humble”. You didn't need to consult a clairvoyant to know he would sweep them all.Taylor Swift snatched the opportunity to premier her new song "Look what you made me do".There were performances by man-of-the-moment Kendrick Lamar,Bleachers,Ed Sheeran,Lil Uzi Vert,Julia Michaels,Shawn Mendes,Demi Lovato,Fifth Harmony,Gucci Mane and Mi!6ley Cyrus. MTV's Gaby Wilson presented the Best Choreography Award and Song of the Summer which Kanye West and Lil Uzi Vert won respectively.Paris Jackson awarded Fifth Harmony the Best Pop award for their hit "Down" in which they featured Gucci Mane.Teyan Taylor and Pete Wentz awarded Zedd and Alessia Cara for the Best Dance Video for their collabo "Stay".Celebrity DJ and 5 time nominee DJ6464 Khaled introduced Fifth Harmony as Ludacris and Olivia Munn awarded One Direction former vocalist Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift the Best Collaboration. Kendrick Lamar opened the floodgates of awards with Best Hip Hop Video for "Humble" receiving his award from Pete Davidson and Tiffany Haddish.He went on to bag Video of the Year presented to him by Gal Gaddot.He also scooped Best Direction for his single "Humble" directed by Dave Meyers and the Little Homies beating his closest challenger Katy Perry for her song "Chained to the Rhythm".He also won Best Cinematography for "Humble" ahpwhich was directed by Scott Cunningham.Kendrick Lamar cemented his legacy as a Hip Hop artist by winning Best Art Direction directed by Spencer Graves narrowly beating Bruno Mars' "24K Magic".He wrapped his big day with Best Visual Effects for "Humble" done by Hall of Timber. Bruno Mars was the unsung hero of the day as he came number 2 in three categories,unfortunately going home empty handed.He was overshadowed by Kendrick Lamar in Video of the Year,lost to Ed Sheeran again in Artist of the Year, and lost to Kendrick Lamar again in Best Art Direction.Katy Perry,The Weekend and Dj Khaled were the second most nominated with five nominations each.They however went as they came,they won nothing,Katy Perry's "Chained to the Rhythm" losing to Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" in Best Direction category. VMA made slight changes to the categories merging the Best Female and Best Male Artist of the Year to Artist of the Year which Ed Sheeran won.New kid on the block Khalid was awarded Best New Artist replacing 19 Year old Shawn Mendes who also had a bad day.From the Ohio,21 Pilots scooped the Best Rock Award for their song "Heavydirtysoul" beating favourites British rock duo Coldplay for their hit "Head Full pf Dreams" .Future also got the shock of his life as his "mask off" hit failed to clinch a single award as he lost to Young Thug in Best Editing Award category.Alessia Cara won The Best Fight Against The System for her song "Scars to your Beautiful" as Pink was awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard of the Year.hak

Sounds From The Other Side - Wizkid

Sounds From The Other Side - Wizkid's Album Review.

Aug 02 2017

Wizkid's new album dropped in July, Named Sounds From The Other Side. Wizkid has featured the creme de la creme of music on the international scene, making him earn a place on the table of men,musically.Starting off at a small studio in Surulere,the 27 year old has achieved the unthinkable.Not even established artists the likes of P-square,Dibanj, nor 2 Face have had their stars shinning brighter.With his abundant success in the U.S,rumours and speculations are rife that he has moved to the states but he recently set the record straight in an interview with the NetAfricanBeats. The aim is not really to cross over,I just want to make good music for the world,its not really in my mind to cross over to America.I have my own fan base which is Africa.And I just want to keep feeding that fan base and hope it grows".We sampled for you in detail his latest project. If you are a fan of Wizkid,then you definitely know what to expect,lots of love songs.The entire album has 12 tracks and 9 of this are love songs. Sweet love is the album's first track.Wizkid sings in English and his native language to match the African beats of the song.In the video,he has incorporated scenes from his concerts in African countries like Sierra Leone,Mali,Ghana.In the concerts that are mostly attended by the young women,they just break down with emotion. African bad gyal is another love- themed track on the albums track list.The video to the song has been out for some time now.The powerful message of love has been creatively laced in a crime anecdote,if you are not keen enough, you might miss the point.This is one of the few songs with a video as most tracks are only audio.Wizkid teams up with RnB superstar Chris Brown on this and the chemistry pays off quite handsomely. Ty Dolla $ign is featured on the albums track six-one for me.The Naija flavoured beats to the song are almost similar to the song Diana by fellow countryman Tekno.Wizkid has a way of making American artists bring out the African in them and Ty Dolla $ign does not escape this trick.The end result is a nice love jam that brings out a different Ty Dolla $ign from the one the world expects. Women are God's blessing to the world.Women have been compared to almost everything imaginable in love songs.Have you ever heard a song that compares a woman to something that leaves you speechless? You might have heard tracks that say a woman is a soft pillow,toyi tomato,djolof rice,bread and butter,chiwonjolo (butterfly in Luganda), queen and the list is eendless. But in Picture perfect, Wizkid stays simple as he compares his dream woman to a picture.He must have been motivated by Demarco's lyrics in his track Confessions where he says a girl looks fresh like she just came from a magazine. Other love themed songs are Sexy,Gbese, Dirty wine and All for love.Sexy has slow African beats and Starboy brings on his Naija accent on this track.Gbese is a fusion of African and American beats and its a great collabo with Trey Songz.This one has quite a high tempo that makes it nice for the dancefloor.Ty Dolla $ign is featured on yet another slow beats track Dirty wine and All for love features Bucie. No doubt Daddy Yo is the most successful single on this album.This song has had a massive airplay on local and international radio.The dancehall-themed track is that kind of song that brings the party to life.The song is loved by both the young and the old, may be due to the catchy chorus.Naughty ride is another track that has a dancehall feel although its quite slow. Wizkid features blessed-fingers producer Major Lazer on this.Come closer features American rapper Drake.Wizkid is fast on the verses and takes it slow on the chorus.Drake does the song justice with a slow rap that explains why he is making heads turn. Apart from international collabos,one thing that has made Wizkid conquer the music scene in recent times is keeping a good production team.It was a clever decision to retain beat makers who helped him gain international fame like Sarz,Legendary Beats,Spellz and Del B.He also signed a deal with Sony but the deal has not slowed him down like it did with the case of 2 Face,P Square,Seyi Shay,Burna Boy,Patoranking and Davido who did not live up to the hype on the international scene.


Chronixx's Chronology Album Review.

Jul 18 2017

If you want upliftment,look no further than the words of Garnet Silk,Dennis Brown and Bob Marley but new kid on the block, Chronixx, looks like a blend of all the three icons. Although only 24 years old,he is already up to the task of leading the next wave of Jamaican reggae artists this millennium .A few days ago,he released his album titled Chronology.The album is a socially,politically and industrially aware effort,the work of an intelligent savvy and ambitious artist.The album offers a complete collection of hits, a confident mix of conscious reggae,pop,hip hop and lovers rock.In a genre known for singles, Jamar McNaughton has successfully compiled a proper sixteen track album. Although some tracks on this album have been out for some time, they still sound fresh and brand new.Take 'Smile Jamaica' for example ,the track still brightens up a room when it plays. Chronixx has a knack not only for hooks and lyrics but also has the ability to channel his prowess through vocal performance. In 'Spanish Town Rockin' he shows his ability in both singing and rapping. The track with its bouncy biographical hook is a sample of 1980s style that had artists chatting on verses .In 4:44 JAY-Z hooks up with his mother Gloria Carter on the track 'Smile', similarly Chronixx features his father and namesake Chronicle on the second track of the album 'Big Bad Sound'. In 'Country Boy' and 'Ghetto Paradise' Chronixx uses the the track to decry the deceptive allure of the city. Chronixx gained international fame back in 2012 after performing alongside the Zincfence band at the Sumfest festival. As it is right now no one can dispute that he is the most valuable artist from Zincfence when you compare him to other artists also from the label. Zincfence also produced Dre Island,Jah Books,Jah 9,Protoje,Kellissa,Jesse Royal,Keznamdi and Kabaka Pyramid.Chronixx does not shy away from his humble background he is always mentioning his hood in his songs. His single 'Spanish Town Rockin' is a dedication to the place that raised him. This album opens up Chronixx as a gifted writer.In 'I Can' we get this uplifting and motivational lyrics: ~ I look at where am coming from ~ I know am blessed and I close ~ my eyes and smile In another track 'Black is Beautiful' he turns into a story teller. Young girl gotta face the worst Coz her mother just took a look in her purse She find a clay kutchie and some holy herbs Mama say young girl you are losing your mind... In 'Loneliness' the track is a clear R&B with its soft bass ,sweet vocals and the guitar flourish.'Legend' is a sample of pop while 'Skankin sweet' is a feel of the new one drop reggae style.'Likes' is not really straight reggae but Chronixx outdoes himself on 'Majesty' as he blends R&B and lovers rock confections successfully .'Selassie children' is anti-colonial and at the same time uplifting declarations of Rastafari independence. Other tracks on the album include 'Tell me now', 'Christina' and a bonus track 'I know love'.As an ardent reggae listener I fully recommend this album to my fellow reggae lovers.On rating,to be honest am not always this generous but I would give it a 9/10. Release date: 07/07/2017 TRACKS 01. Spanish Town Rocking 02. Big Bad Sound featuring Chronicle 03. Skankin' Sweet 04. Ghetto Paradise 05. Country Boy 06. Smile Jamaica 07. I Can 08. Selassie Children 09. Black is Beautiful 10. Majesty 11. Loneliness 12. Likes 13. Tell Me Now 14. Legend 15. Christina 16. I Know Love

4:44 , The Album.

4:44 , The Album.

Jul 03 2017

As the year stretches towards the end,Jay Z has decided to put to an end his musical silence.He has hit the road running with his 13th studio album.The rap OG has done the entire ten-track album with one producer-No I.D,a first for Jay Z.The 47 year old father of three including the recently delivered twins has featured several artists on this album.Charity begins at home,so expect wife Beyonce and daughter Blue and in addition Frank Ocean and Damian Marley. KILL Jay-Z This is the first track of the album where he talks about his life and the flaws he has had as a celebrity and a family man.Another thing to note is his name change from Jay-Z to JAY-Z.The title of the track is metaphorical and it refers to him moving from the Jay-z we all knew to a whole new changed person.He refers to this as "killing the ego".He talks about relationship with his former friend Kanye West.He confirms the rumour that he lent him $20 million when he was facing financial crisis.He also talks about the childhood incident where he shot his elder brother.The track is inspired by Alan Parson's classic hit "Don't let it show". STORY OF O.J On this track Jay talks of the highs and lows of success.He uses the example of the life of football player O.J.He advises young artists to invest in their success for the future rather than blowing money in night clubs.Asked about the song he says,"It is a song about we,as a culture,having a plan of how we gonna push forward".The song is a sample of Nina Simone's "Four women". SMILE FT GLORIA CARTER Jay z features his mother on this track.He tells of his mother identifying as a lesbian but he doesn't care as long as she is happy."I cried tears of joy when you fell in love,I don't care if a him or her" he raps.The song is a sample of Stevie Wonder's "Love:In need of love today".This feel good song is basically about turning your bad times to good memories. CAUGHT THEIR EYES FT FRANK OCEAN This song heavily borrows from Nina Simone's "Baltimore".Jay says it's a song about being aware of one's surrounding.He raps about Prince's estate suing his streaming site Tidal for using the deceased artists songs without permission.He hits back at the lawyers saying he sat face to face with Prince as he said his dying wishes. 4:44 This fifth track is also the title track of the album.4:44 is a brutally honest apology that many have referred to as the response to Beyonce's 2016 Album Lemonade-woman being cheated on.In this song,Jay Z admits claims of infidelity against him.The song has used features from Hanna Williams' Late nights and Heartbreaks and has featured gospel artist Kim Burrell. FAMILY FEUD Jay Z goes hard at new rappers advising them to be themselves "you either be old rich me or new you,Tupac had a nose ring too".Jay also points out to the lack of black leaders referring to recent scandals by Bill Cosby and Al Sharpaton."Nobody wins when the family feuds",He raps. BAM BAM FT DAMIAN MARLEY A feel of rich Carribbean music comes in on this track.The bass heavy track is a sample of Sister Nancy's 1982 dancehall by the same title.The song is self-comforting and Damian Marley's input cannot be under-estimated. MOONLIGHT This song is inspired by last year's Oscars when the best picture announcement got mixed up.Jay Z says hip hop needs to progress further.He fires shots to music labels wondering why artists are still signing deals when labels often run off with their masters.No I.D samples The Fugees track "Fu-Gee-La" MERCY ME An ode to Brooklyn and Mercy house where he grew up."am from Mercy Houses where the boys die by the thousands"he raps.He samples Marvin Gaye's "The Ecology" and Portuguese Quarteto's "Todo O Mundo E Ningüem" LEGACY FT BLUE IVY The song starts as Blue asks "Daddy what's a will?".Jay Z raps about the desire to create generational wealth from his success.He tells his daughter that his stake in Roc Nation should go to her and her siblings and that they should pass it to his grandchildren.

Shine On Your Way, Prodigy.

Shine On Your Way, Prodigy.

Jun 26 2017

This past week,the world of hip hop mourned the death of an icon.Prodigy, one half of  of the Mobb Deep outfit from New York, he succumbed to sickle cell anaemia disease which he had been battling since birth.Mobb Deep was very popular in the 90‘s churning out hits like Hell On Earth,Shook Ones and the Infamous to name but a few. Prodigy was born in November 2,1974 named Albert Johnson in Hempstead New York.He hailed from a musical background.His grandfather was a jazz saxophonist,his  father was a member of a musical group known as‘the chanters‘ while his mother was also in a group called ‘the crystals‘.He begun his musical career in high school at the Manhattan High School of Art and Design in LeFrak city.He met his longtime friend and partner-in-rhyme Havoc(Real name Kejuan Muchata) at the school. They were originally known as Poetic prophets before they settled on the duo‘s stage name Mobb Deep. Mobb Deep had ten albums under their belt three of them made it to number one on the top ten charts..The duo‘s success became a reality after the release of their Infamous Mobb Deep and Hell on Earth albums in mid 1990s which received positive acclaim throughout the states.Apart from contributing to the duo‘s projects,Prodigy also got time for his own solo projects.He released his solo album HNIC 1 in 2001.He was known to be openly against the secret Illuminati group. In the 90s hip hop was marred with cases of group rivalries that lead into street violence that often involved guns,just like the case of Vybz Kartel and Mavado beef.Mobb Deep represented the East,New York.In 1995 there was a notable beef between Mobb Deep and Snoop Dogg.Snoop responded to Mobb Deep‘s  ‘‘ New York New York‘‘ with ‘‘L.A L.A‘‘Things went out of hand when Tupac went as far as dissing Prodigy on his sickle cell disease that finally got the better of him.Speculations were high as to whether Tupac got murdered due to that beef but it has never been clear.Nas‘ crew who also from New York  dissed Prodigy owing to the fact that he was originally from Hempstead but was now representing Queensbridge in the East-West beef.The beef kept growing and more rappers jumped in,the likes of  Saigon,Keith Murray,Redman and Jay Z.In an interview he was quoted to have said  this about Prodigy:‘‘ for a period of time he was close to being the best rapper in the game‘‘ Prodigy served three and half years in jail (2007-2011) after he was arrested for being in possession of an unregistered firearm.The jail term was reduced from 15 years after he struck a deal with the prosecution and pleaded guilty.During this years edition of the BET Awards tributes to Prodigy will be presented by 50 Cent,Lil Wayne,Just Blaze,Nas,Schoolboy Q,Havoc and Lil Kim-source TMZ.Prodigy is survived by wife Kiki Johnson and his two children son,T‘Shaka and daughter Fahtasia Robinson.His son is keenly following in his father‘s footsteps and has already released some hip hop EPs under his stage name Shaka.In 2011 Prodigy was featured in a documentary titled Rhyme and Punishment  that was about rappers that have been incarcerated.When he was released from the correctional facility he had been held in 2011 he embarked on a cookbook about his time in jail.He called it Commissary Kitchen:My Infamous Cookbook.Until his death Prodigy was 42years. Rest In Power .

KHALIGRAPH JONES ft RAYVANNY (Chali  Ya  Ghetto)  Preview

KHALIGRAPH JONES ft RAYVANNY (Chali Ya Ghetto) Preview

Jun 01 2017

Have you watched Chali ya ghetto by Khaligraph featuring Rayvanny?If ever you watched Wanjiru Akinyi by Khaligraph,then expect a very different script.Different in that,there are no beautiful booty-shaking ladies.A round of applause for Papa Jones please everyone!The OG‘s collabo with the Bongo gem is receiving massive positive feedback from the fans currently riding high with 230,000 or so views on youtube.The song is a fussion of hiphop and a feel of bongo flava.It covers the expectations of both artists‘s fans in Kenya and Tanzania.Khaligraph does not disappoint with his whack lyrics as Rayvanny comes through with his mellow voice on the chorus. The video is basically a ‘‘from grass to grace‘‘ story but with a twist.As the video starts Khaligraph and Rayvanny are partners in crime.Rayvanny is seen pulling a handcart,probably to hide his identity as a thief.He is next seen with the OG in a vintage blue car.Ray then sends a text message to a certain guy telling him that Khaligraph is going up the building.The building is a bit old and this scene looks like Nairobi‘s eastlands estates.African-themed Khanga have been put out on the clothes line to dry giving the viewer a ghetto environment feel.Khali then introduces us to his squad who he refers to as ‘a pack of ninjas and soldiers‘. Khaligraph knocks the door and it is opened by a smoke blowing able bodied gangster.The man throws a bag to Khali having cash which is payment for a certain deal to be carried out by Khaligraph.He then disappears north to Khartoum where it becomes his hideout after escaping from his agreed duty.The gangster after realizing Khali‘s absence,calls for a crisis meeting amongst his boys where he offers a handsome bounty for Khaligraph‘s head.Khaligraph makes a phone call to Ray telling him that he has gone missing and he can‘t be traced. The video although well scripted has a few let downs.The first being women are conspicuously missing in this video.For the sake of the two-thirds gender rule, the directors would have considered featuring a few ladies.It would have been better if the gangster was a lady,to connect with the recent shooting of a female thug in Khaligraph‘s Kayole.In my opinion,the director should have used crude actors with real fearful thug-like faces instead of soft Khaligraph and Rayvanny.The decision to dress up Khaligraph‘s team in dull colors also should have been checked.Black and white images would have worked well in that scene where Khaligraph‘s artistic portrait is in his background.People might also say that the video glorifies theft and robbery as no curlprit is brought to book.Evil should never triumph over good.Even as I salute Motif (BluInk corp)and Lizer(wasafi records) my rating for this video would be 6/10,whats yours?hit the comment button after reading through.

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