Irie By Gravitti Band Ft Shamir, Sage Video Review.

By Salano Chavatuzi.

On Mar 12th 0 249

13-year-old reggae band Gravitti is a popular local band with immense success under their belt. Some of their projects include 'Sweetie' featuring Nameless and 'some reggae'. On this track they feature another Kenyan reggae heavy weight-Shamir. They also bring on talented vocalist Sage one of the 'So Alive' song.

Contrary to normal slow reggae beats, this team decides to keep the tempo a little upbeat. Miss Okinda kicks off the introduction of the song with the chorus followed by her fire verse. This rastawoman kills it as she paves way for Shamir who comes on next. The video begins with a panoramic shot of the artists making their way into the studio. The backyard is lash green adding more life to the video. Producers Adam Eston and Don Mbago did a nice job to give us a live-from-studio video. At some point it feels like a serenade in your lounge. Everything is live from the piano, guitar,drums to the singing artists. The whole studio set up is just entertaining.

After Miss Okinda comes Shamir and does what he does best. His well planned verses never disappoint. He maintains the party theme. Basically this song is about positivity,the good good vibes. Its funny to imagine there was a time I thought Shamir was Jamaican! His versatility is on another level. Now that I know he is one of our own, I now love his music much more.

Exit Shamir enter Sage and her voice was meant for this! she takes me away. She has been improving since her collaboration with Octopizzo many years ago on 'So Alive'. She fits in well in this track and has good chemistry with Miss Okinda evident from the last minute behind the scenes. Her dressing is also on fleek complete with a maasai shanga (necklace). She represents the African woman who is in love with her culture.Same to Miss Okinda with her bracelets. She does the chorus.

If I had to rate this song I would give it an 8/10. It is good to see local artists trying out new fields like Sage trying out Reggae. Special mention to Royal State Pictures,good work people!!

Check it out here :


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