BYOB TV Show Season 2

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Safaricom's BYOB TV show makes a comeback to your screen this month and we can promise you it won't let you down at all.The show is scheduled to go on air from February 5th,we hope the media shutdown will be over.

Last year, Blaze by Safaricom came up with a program between the months of June to December.They took Blazers through creation camps and summits delivering training, mentorship and inspiration to youth from 6 regions.The organizers used this as an opportunity to audition for the second season of the BYOB TV show.

The show brings together 12 young people between the ages of 18 and 26 selected across the country.They are then subjected to a series of challenges which test and develop their business skills in a way they and the audience can apply to their own business.The challenges they face within the show are meant to test and clarify on a series of key skills which young people must develop in order to succeed in their own businesses in the field.The challenges are spread across the nine episodes that the show will have this season.

The are many reasons as to why you as a young person should watch the show.Apart from being entertaining, the show educates youth on how to employ themselves in the fields they have passion in,statistics show how high unemployment rates are now and they keep rising.Another reason to watch the show is that it gives you a chance to learn how to develop your business skills.It also helps you learn from judges and mentors after each challenge.The show also brings together youth with different ambitions and goals hence mix of ideas among the youth.

The winner will walk away with a fat cheque and will also get his/her business funded for starters.Boy children will be hoping it will be one of their own after Valentine Nekesa whitewashed men in season one.

We wish all who got selected well and hope for a good show.We have faith the judges will act with the Biblical Solomonic wisdom to give us a deserving winner.


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