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In today's article,I take you down memory lane so fasten your seatbelts,come lets take a ride.2000 babies, you will have to forgive me,you were either being breastfed or learning to walk.Only 22 and over can relate to this.Honestly, who remembers a song like 'Anisa' by Bedbug and Kingsting?We focus on musicians and showbiz personalities who graced the entertainment scene at the start of the century. They exited the scene rather quietly and not much has been heard from them since.Today we smoke them out of their hideouts.Have a good read. 1.BEDBUG & KINGSTING This was Mombasa's best duo at one time.They gained massive fame after releasing 'Anisa' which ruled the charts for a very long time.By charts here I mean, Show ya Kizazi Kipya hosted by Carol Robbi and Maureen Medza on KBC radio and may be Top 9 at 9 on Capital Fm,those were the shows that ruled the airwaves then.One half of the duo was George Owino aka Kingsting while Bedbug was a Ugandan national living at the coast.Kingsting remained lonely after Bedbug left to take care of their family business back home and eventually he took a break from music in 2007.Later in 2010,there was a hype about him making a come back but he did not capture the audience.He then retreated to other projects.He now has an events company Tamasha Ent. and is now a family man married to wife Sharon and they have been blessed with a daughter Shantel. 2.MARYA She of the hit 'tumekuja chokoza' in which she teamed up with her friend Avril.Marya had been through a lot before she became a public figure.She lost her parents at a tender young age and was raised by foster parents,she even calls them mum and dad sometimes unknowingly because they are the only parents she has had.She became a household name in 2007 after her hit single 'mahaba'.Her star continued to shine brighter and she fell in love with Deux Vultures rapper Colonel Mustafa.However,their love was short-lived owing to allegations of infidelity and finger pointing from both sides.After the separation she found true love in one man only identified as Kelvin Mutisya.The last time we heard from Marya,she had a baby.We wish her well in her new family roles. 3.OUSMANE Recognized as one among Kenya's reggae pioneers.I loved(I still love) his 'VIP love' track,that is among hits I call evergreen.The mellow voiced artist managed to survive in this industry for years without a controversy,like Jua Cali.Ousmane Maregwa,his official name provided reggae lovers with hits such as Dunda,Coming Home,Little star,Rising sun and they all became club bangers.Vip love made him win Best New Act at Chat Awards in 2003.He was named Best Reggae Artist in 2005 at the now defunct Kisima Awards.In 2012 he was shocked as Safaricom's Skiza tune awarded him most downloaded song-VIP Love.Since he left the mic,he now runs 211 Ent and also owns a recording studio,44 Records on Thika Superhighway. 4.THE LONGOMBAS Made up of siblings Lovi and Christian and related to Congolese Lingala maestro Awilo Longomba.This duo gave us sweet vocals blending Lingala and kapuka that made their music stand out from the rest.A hit like Queen which many of us can comfortably sing along word by word,is still relevant to date.The last time I checked,Christian had a serious medical problem that required special attention.He had a brain tumour and somebody had to come out to appeal to Kenyans to foot his hospital bills.So basically,this guys are now broke,the curse of money-today here tomorrow gone . Lovi, on the other hand,is said to have started a church after seeing the light.His church,Revelation Church of Jesus is in Hollywood California.The church members are mainly young people drawn from across different races.While Lovi saves souls,Christian promised to make a comeback after attaining full recovery. 5.MR.LENNY Mr.Lenny quit music after failing to compete with the likes of E-Sir,K-rupt,Nameless ,Deux Vultures,Longombas and Big Pin.These artists were sizzling hot and were the face of Ogopa deejays.Mr Lenny says that the only sane studio then was Ogopa and it had all the big names so they would ignore the small artists.He would only survive on collabos until they started to refer to him as the king of collabos.But he wanted to have his own projects,due to the survival for the fittest wars,he was unable to record an album at Ogopa.He eventually left the label and did his album elsewhere but it did not do well as he expected. Seeing that he had lost relevance,he made up his mind and gave in.He recently joined Grandpa records but much has not been heard from him either. 6.AMANI Vocally blessed and beautiful songstress, Cecilia Wairimu is now 38.She was the bad girl during them days with the likes of Nyashinski and Collo(the old one before he got saved).She decided to stay out of the public eye to look after her family and business. She imports her braids under her Amani brand.She joined Emmy Kosgei and Vera Sidika to the growing list of female celebs who got married to Nigerian men.She broke up her relationship with AY after close to ten years,who does that?She has not quit the industry and asks you all to keep your eyes and ears open. 7.CHANTELL She was a one-hit wonder after featuring veteran rapper Abbas Kubaff in their hit 'toklezea'.She was raised in Limuru before her family moved to Nairobi.His father was of mixed race being half Indian and half Kenyan.He owned a car yard which enabled him to school his children,4 boys and Chantelle being the only daughter.She says that growing up among boys made her become a tomboy. She was at many times found on the wrong side of the law at the strict Consolata School.She later got married to saved producer J-Blessing although still struggling with smoking and alcoholism.Tragically,they lost their first child Kyle three years ago and laid him to rest in Lan'gata Cemetery. Due to her husband's advice, she later quit drugs.The grief of losing a child devastated her but we wish them a fruitful marriage. 8.DEBBY ASILA Debby attended Buruburu Girls' high school.She was a member of the early 2000s all-girl group Tattuu.The group was made up of her,Angela Ndambuki and Angela Mwandanda.Debby has had a long journey in this showbiz industry before settling in her Finance career.Some of their songs include;Teso,Haiya,Songea,Parapanda and come back to me.Her stints on TV include Papa Shirandula,Family ties,Bold Girls and All Girls Together.At one time,Debby and her friends were video vixens in Nameless' music videos such as Mannerless,Megarider and Majitu.She was a presenter at Kiss 100 from 2004-2009.She was also a host at K24's Talii Uenjoi show between 2007 and 2008.From Kiss she joined Uptown radio and worked there for a year before she moved to KBC owned Venus fm.After radio she focused on her career landing a job at PPP Media and later MCSK.Her daughter Milan, whose father is a seasoned Kiss 100 presenter, is growing up real fast. Asila is now a financial advisor at Primerica. 9.DJ IZRAEL Probably the most respected pioneer DJ alongside DJ Pinye and DJ Stano.However,unlike Ousmane,his name has been mentioned adversely in scandals. In 2016,MCSK terminated his contract after he was accused of soliciting bribes from upcoming artistes.It is said he promised to get their songs played in over 40 radio stations and TV channels which he was "privileged to have access to".Artists condemned the DJ wondering who had given him the authority to promote their music locally and abroad. He responded by dissing them back "..and you will still remain underground,you and your class,Phil,Qty and everyone there" he said. Phil,a gospel artist went ahead to claim that Izrael had tried to solicit 50k from him. 10.ATTITUDE This fellow moved to the US and that's how we forgot about him as they say,out of sight,out of mind.His real name is Malimo Chahonyo Andega and was a member of Phoenix Records. In an interview,he said that he had business ventures in the states.He says he has done more than 4500 songs! besides staging shows.The last we heard from him he was compiling an album of 15 songs picked from 50 songs he had made.His album would feature American's Young J,Akon,Jay Z and our very own Mercy Myra who he once had an affair with.The album had to be worked on by producers Mannie Fresh and Kurupt.He also said he was planning to start a dreadlock's products business.The tattoo lover also has 245 Tattoos shop in Atlanta.His relationship with Mercy Myra gave them a daughter they named Taylan


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