Content Marketing Trends In Kenya In 2017.

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Digital content marketing is beginning to take shape as the most effective marketing option to reach potential customers online.Technology savvy firms have welcomed this new method with open arms and this has improved their businesses greatly.Content marketing enables them to learn from others,appreciate their work,and give credit where it is due.It requires knowledge,proper preparation and consistency to be successful in content marketing.It is advisable to speak your audience's language,know what they want and give it to them.Tell them powerful touching stories,this helps you to connect with them socially invest in high quality visual content and always remember quality is better than quantity. This type of marketing helps you build brand awareness ,engage and connect to perspective customers and increase sales . It enables you to have a clear answer on what your story is and your business objectives are . In addition it enables you Understand who your target audience is so you can attract new customers and why your business is unique for them. Let's take a look at examples of successful content marketing campaigns in 2017 . 1. Telecomminication company Safaricom needs no introduction since it has been around for the longest time.The giant firm with deep pockets employs digital content marketing with an aim to lure new customers and retaining old ones.Airtel launched Tubonge campaign that promised their customers cheaper call rates and plenty internet bundles while Telkom came wooing with Amkia bundles and free whatsapp.To counter competition Safaricom entered the telcos war with Tunukiwa daily.This campaign was aimed at rewarding customers depending on their use of airtime.Not long after launching Tunukiwa,Safaricom surprised us with Twaweza.Twaweza was specifically a campaign to encourage innovativeness and to celebrate the Kenyan spirit.Twaweza has found a home on billboards and TV screens with the main act being the evergreen comedian Mogaka of KBCs Vitimbi show. 2. Fresh chewing gum has also joined the list of brands using digital content marketing.Fresh gum employs humour that effectively sparks emotion.The brand has been consistent with adverts coming and going on our screens.The adverts are kept short but effort is made to make sure to drive the message home.You have probably came across one on you tube. 3. Jumia Kenya is a fast rising online shopping platform.This brand has invested in quality videos,fun adverts and proper graphics.They always strive to give their potential customers fresh content that is relevant,up to date and engaging.Jumia make it easier for potential buyers as they include price tags on their products and as if that is not enough,the product is always a phonecall away. 4 . Tusker launched their Jenga game/Twende game campaign to help local football and rugby clubs get grassroot support.The campaign targeted revelers in the country's ever active nightlife.For every bottle of beer a customer purchased Ksh.2 would be donated to the club of the customer's choice.The process was easy to learn as it was similar to Cocacola's Shinda Mamili where you are required to send a given code to a particular number.Football clubs among them Tusker Fc,Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards participated and were handed their cheques in a ceremony held recently. 5. Trust condoms profits had taken a dip before they introduced the Kuwa True campaign. This campaign has gotten a good reception on twitter targeting youths in Nairobi Clubs on weekends . The brand was losing the price war with a new entrant into the market, Salama crossing over from Tanzania.Despite Salama not incurring any advertising costs,they were still winning .The Trust brand hired Bruce Newton,the gifted dancer who gained fame as a dancer on the Sakata show to do their adverts targeting youths for obvious reasons. 6. Into the banking sector now,lets take the case of Unbank youself with CBA Loop.This campaign from Commercial Bank of Africa was designed to make mobile banking appealing to millennials . It required an interested consumer to download the android app onto their smartphones.Thousands of youth got hooked and signed up for this account since it proved easy to use,banking from the comfort of your couch as they said. 7. Broadways bread has been around for ages,say 70s or 80s if it is true that they have been in the market since my parents rocked Afro hairstyle that is on my mums ID.Broadways have succeeded in keeping their old customers who must be over forty now and a majority struggling with diabetes which explains why they prefer the low sugar bread.Their adverts seem to target those who have advanced in age. 8. KCB also came up with Simba points,a campaign jeered towards increasing sales.The bank's statement to the media that surfaced online said that it was rewarding customers for simply banking with them.Once a customer has achieved a targeted number of points,he/she can redeem them for a variety of things from KCB parners.They include travels across the world with more than 100 airlines,visits to the best hotels,electronics from Hotpoint and so much more.


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