How To Make Video Marketing Successful For Your Business.

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If you have been online lately,chances are that you have stumbled upon the well crafted Shiks Kapienga's Airtel Tubonge advert.It got me LMFAO!!Kudos to the crew behind this creative piece.You might also remember that before the Unga crisis, we had a good one from Soko Ugali.Then,it got me asking myself questions like, how effective is video marketing?What are the hints to help sole proprietors and companies create videos that can reach the target audience?I therefore decided to embark on this topic.For those who would like to try out video marketing , I compiled for you few steps to successful video marketing.

Video marketing according to Wikipedia, is incorporating videos into your marketing campaigns whether to promote your company,product or service. Customers testimonials along with live event videos are becoming more and more popular as companies try to take advantage of rapid growth of social media as a marketing trend.Marketers get a lot of mileage with just one video by incorporating it into their marketing channels from email to landing pages.Some advantages of this channel are that it improves google ranking,conversions,open rates,click through rates and many more.Some of the demerits of video marketing include,it is time consuming and very capital intensive in advanced levels.However,beginners need not worry because they won't need high budget videos.Here are a few tips that will guide you to create successful videos for your business.

STEP 1 🔸 Remember a live video is watched 3 times longer than an ordinary video. Don't overlook Facebook live ,Instagram live and periscope.

STEP 2 🔸Craft your content as if it will play silently and consider audio a value add.

STEP 3 🔸 Consider having motion within the first few frames of your film, to catch the attention of your audience faster when released online.

STEP 4 🔸Carry out research and see if video marketing can work for you.Once you have decided that it suits your business ,make a good point and deliver.

STEP 5🔸Make your videos shareable,use key words,include a link and share it on you tube and on all your social media platforms.Make sure to monitor comments and reply to them.Answer questions and also work on feedback.

STEP 6🔸Find your companies best cheerleader.Marketing agents and professionals may not be a good idea,instead go for that lady or gentleman in the office who always has a smile for everyone.Train them to be surprising and delightful and come up with something completely unpredictable.Easy people are likely to influence more people than the ever serious professionals.

STEP 7🔸Start publishing consistently,create a series of videos to follow on from the next in a logical manner.Your unedited videos with their mess-ups make it look genuine and real.Keep them short, under 90 seconds.This creates intimacy and connection and builds better relationships with your fans.

STEP 8🔸Let your videos be transparent and authentic.Make short impromptu personal videos to spark deeper engagement.If you want to reach your customers directly on live video make it plain and talk with a naked tongue,otherwise it will look rehearsed.

STEP 9🔸Another clever way to reach a wider audience is to engage as many people as possible.This is achievable through shout outs.All of us have an ego and would feel emotionally elevated if mentioned on such a platform.However,it is not advisable to compel those you shout out to share your video,let them do it willingly.Also carry out interesting interviews with the those who have made it in your field.

STEP 10🔸Create compelling content collaboratively.Share your own experience in a personalized way.You are very likely to influence another viewer who might have been in the same situation you have been.

STEP 11🔸Attend or better still get a stall at trade shows.For instance Nairobi hosts a number of annual shows like the Agricultural show and Concours de'elegance at the Ngong Race Course.Conduct video interviews with a handful of experts in your field and get their views.

STEP 12🔸Create video tutorials and demonstrate how to use your product.Many people love it when you make it easy to digest.The simplified visual step by step process makes it easier to learn.

STEP 13🔸Use Ted's 5 useful ingredients. Ted Talk Show incorporates music,interviews,before during and after scenes from a live event


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Very helpful especially in this age marketing has become very competitive and a good video really gets things going

  • Jul 30, 2017 10:36 am

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