Lamu Coal Mining - A Step Backwards

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China recently shut down its last coal plant in Beijing.The plant had been  associated  with massive air pollution upto to an extent where residents had to walk with protective gear like nose-masks.Kenya worldwide acclaim after the completion of the Lake Turkana Windfarm project.The project an epitome of clean renewable energy has placed Kenya among the few African nations that have embraced calls for clean renewable energy.However,the government has embarked on -surprisingly-coal mining projects earmarked to be  carried out in Lamu and the Mua basin in Kitui county .The two projects have hard a rough  time with environmentalists and local leaders who are up in arms against  them. The Mui  basin in Kitui county was discovered to be a rich source  of coal.The government through the ministries of  Energy,Mining and Finance   worked together and scheduled the mining process..The time allocated for the project has since flown by and it is now behind schedule.The Chinese firm Fenxing Mining company which was awarded the tender has found itself  embroiled  in a dispute including the  local leaders,civil rights activists  and citizens.Local leaders led by area MCA  Musee Mulongo,women representative and senator  recently accused the governor,Julius Malombe  of failing to co-operate to ensure that the company had begun mining.Governor  Malombe in response said that critical issues like settlement of those affected had not been done to citizens satisfaction. The project in Lamu county is no different.The coal plant is supposed to sit on a 975  Acre piece of land in Kwasasi area of Hindu Bay.  The government signed an agreement with the African Development Bank to finance the project. In addition, President Uhuru Kenyatta flew to China  where he borrowed $2Bn to finance the project.This brought to a total $9Bn the amount borrowed by the Jubilee regime since it came to power in 2013 surpassing all governments that were there before it.The Lamu Coal plant is managed by Amu Power Company which has also signed pacts with other firms including( the usual Chinese) company  to help it run the dampen the mood on the coal project further,it has been  established that the government will have to import coal from South Africa or construct a railway line from Lamu to the Mua basin to transport the coal deposits to the plant.Uhuru Kenyatta and his United States counterpart  Donald Trump were the only pro-coal leaders present at the G7 Summit inTaormina,Italy. You have to love environmentalists,the passion they put into their work that makes it look  like fun,until it turns into rubber bullets and teargas.Love them or  hate them these guys deserve our respect and support.Looking at the list of diseases people living near the coal mines  stand to suffer (if no tangible action is taken) makes you feel sorry for them.First there is Pneumoconiosis(black lung) which is likely to affect the people working in the mines due to breathing in air mixed with coal particles.Fibriosis and bronchitis are also likely to affect residents  in the surrounding.Inhalation of air that has Arsenic,Cadmium and lead (all associated with coal) may make one suffer Emphysema- a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.Hypertension/High blood pressure,kidney diseases and high mortality rates are also  in line to add to second degree effects that may be caused with coal mining


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