How Kenyans Use Clean And Dirty Energy.

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Only about 92,000 of Kenyan households (less than 1%) use Clean/renewable sources of energy for cooking. Majority still use Charcoal & wood, including in the urban areas where more than a third of the households, representing 39%, still use this source of energy for cooking. This means that almost 7 million (out of the 10.3 million) households in Kenya still use traditional sources of energy for cooking. Given options for alternative sources of energy (clean versus dirty), 20% of the house-holds (1.4 million) still showed preference for the biomass as opposed to clean energy. This is despite the negative effects of these sources of energy on the health of users (respiratory effects), as well as the negative effects to the environment – degradation. Biomass (Charcoal & wood) and Kerosene are perceived to be the most affordable sources of energy by a majority of Kenyans. 41% of those in North Eastern still believe that Charcoal and wood are the most affordable sources of energy while 30% of those in Nyanza and Eastern and 28% of those in Rift Valley hold the same perceptions. On the other hand, LPG gas is not perceived to be affordable even in Nairobi where 69% use it for cooking. Only 17% of those in Nairobi perceive LPG Gas to be an affordable source of energy. Biogas and wind energy are not perceived to be very affordable. This Survey was carried out by INFOTRAK Company in Jan-Feb 2017. 14,000 die annually from pollution-related illnesses. Air pollution causes death through illnesses including respiratory ailments, heart diseases, brain damage and cancers. Adapting Clean Energy is the only way to reduce these death rates . The Lake Turkana Wind Power Project (LTWP) is the single largest private investment in Kenya’s history.The wind farm aims to provide 310MW of reliable, low cost wind power to Kenya’s national grid. There are many Clean Energy Sources in Kenya ranging from Tidal Energy,Solar, Biogas, Biofuel,Geothermal and Wave Power.


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