How To Make Video Marketing Successful For Your Business.

How To Make Video Marketing Successful For Your Business.

Jul 19 2017

If you have been online lately,chances are that you have stumbled upon the well crafted Shiks Kapienga's Airtel Tubonge advert.It got me LMFAO!!Kudos to the crew behind this creative piece.You might also remember that before the Unga crisis, we had a good one from Soko Ugali.Then,it got me asking myself questions like, how effective is video marketing?What are the hints to help sole proprietors and companies create videos that can reach the target audience?I therefore decided to embark on this topic.For those who would like to try out video marketing , I compiled for you few steps to successful video marketing. Video marketing according to Wikipedia, is incorporating videos into your marketing campaigns whether to promote your company,product or service. Customers testimonials along with live event videos are becoming more and more popular as companies try to take advantage of rapid growth of social media as a marketing trend.Marketers get a lot of mileage with just one video by incorporating it into their marketing channels from email to landing pages.Some advantages of this channel are that it improves google ranking,conversions,open rates,click through rates and many more.Some of the demerits of video marketing include,it is time consuming and very capital intensive in advanced levels.However,beginners need not worry because they won't need high budget videos.Here are a few tips that will guide you to create successful videos for your business. STEP 1 🔸 Remember a live video is watched 3 times longer than an ordinary video. Don't overlook Facebook live ,Instagram live and periscope. STEP 2 🔸Craft your content as if it will play silently and consider audio a value add. STEP 3 🔸 Consider having motion within the first few frames of your film, to catch the attention of your audience faster when released online. STEP 4 🔸Carry out research and see if video marketing can work for you.Once you have decided that it suits your business ,make a good point and deliver. STEP 5🔸Make your videos shareable,use key words,include a link and share it on you tube and on all your social media platforms.Make sure to monitor comments and reply to them.Answer questions and also work on feedback. STEP 6🔸Find your companies best cheerleader.Marketing agents and professionals may not be a good idea,instead go for that lady or gentleman in the office who always has a smile for everyone.Train them to be surprising and delightful and come up with something completely unpredictable.Easy people are likely to influence more people than the ever serious professionals. STEP 7🔸Start publishing consistently,create a series of videos to follow on from the next in a logical manner.Your unedited videos with their mess-ups make it look genuine and real.Keep them short, under 90 seconds.This creates intimacy and connection and builds better relationships with your fans. STEP 8🔸Let your videos be transparent and authentic.Make short impromptu personal videos to spark deeper engagement.If you want to reach your customers directly on live video make it plain and talk with a naked tongue,otherwise it will look rehearsed. STEP 9🔸Another clever way to reach a wider audience is to engage as many people as possible.This is achievable through shout outs.All of us have an ego and would feel emotionally elevated if mentioned on such a platform.However,it is not advisable to compel those you shout out to share your video,let them do it willingly.Also carry out interesting interviews with the those who have made it in your field. STEP 10🔸Create compelling content collaboratively.Share your own experience in a personalized way.You are very likely to influence another viewer who might have been in the same situation you have been. STEP 11🔸Attend or better still get a stall at trade shows.For instance Nairobi hosts a number of annual shows like the Agricultural show and Concours de'elegance at the Ngong Race Course.Conduct video interviews with a handful of experts in your field and get their views. STEP 12🔸Create video tutorials and demonstrate how to use your product.Many people love it when you make it easy to digest.The simplified visual step by step process makes it easier to learn. STEP 13🔸Use Ted's 5 useful ingredients. Ted Talk Show incorporates music,interviews,before during and after scenes from a live event

The Remedies To Poverty Need Not Be Far-fetched.

Aug 19 2017.

Our beloved Kenya is a blessed nation. Blessed in both good and bad ways. At one time we are trending on the international scene as our athletes tear the world apart, at another time the newspaper headlines are screaming "Kenya ranked third most corrupt state" I was watching the news the other day and a particular item caught my eye. A woman and five kids had perished in a night fire that had consumed their house in Laikipia County. In the impromptu interview, the landlord did not appear shaken. I am not sure whether the fellow knew the grave danger he was in. His rental houses ought to have been fitted with fire extinguishers, isn’t that the law these days? At least that could have saved a life or two but from whatever perspective you view this just understand that poverty and corruption are linked to this. According to the World Bank,46% of Kenyans live below the poverty line,to a layman this means that a majority of Kenyans can survive on less than a dollar per day. The organisation also found that poverty is concentrated in the rural areas. Kenya being a third world country, more people rely on farming as their main source of livelihood.79% of Kenyan households practise farming. This is where the problem with this country lies, over-reliance on agricultural produce. This century so far has had the most unpredictable climate patterns across the world. However, Sub-Saharan Africa (where we lie) has been the most affected by this crisis. Despite Asia and the Americas going through the same, they have not been hit as hard. China and the US have well planned strategies to safeguard their people from unavoidable humanitarian crises. Its a good thing however to see shape shifting millennials starting to take interest in farming. The youth have discovered the millions in poultry farming, cucumbers and watermelons among many others. Karen is next to the expansive Kibera slum ,Donholm neighbors Kayole, Kangemi has Kitisuru and Mountain View nearby while Mathare borders Muthaiga on the other side of the Thika Superhighway,see the connection? Unless you landed in Kenya last night, you know that the rich and the poor live side by side. From my high school biology, this is the relationship that we referred to as symbiosis. The explanation is quite simple, the rich suburbs mentioned above are run by ghetto people. From househelps, guards, grounds people, plumbers to drivers all reside in the ghetto. From my point of view, Parliament has let us down. Instead of hunting down fair government officials like the auditor general and the salaries and remuneration commission chair, they could have a sober sitting to come up with a law compelling the filthy rich to support a family or two in the slums. The relationship between poverty and high birth rate is direct. In my class our lecturer used this analogy while urging us to work extra hard. That in a poor home when there is hardly any kerosene in the lanterns, the family has no option but to retire to bed early to save the fuel since the kids have to wake up early to attend school the next day. While at it, the husband and wife get tempted to have a bit of "quality time”. In a few weeks time the woman becomes expectant and this cycle continues. A small family of three grows rapidly to six or more in just a few years .According to research, poor families have 4-6 kids per household while their well of counterparts have 1-2 kids per household. The remedies to poverty need not be far-fetched. We have ways within us to tackle this menace. Talents are God-given gifts to everyone in the society. Ever heard of THT? The Tanzania House of Talent has proved to Africa the simplest way of quenching biting unemployment, that is, investing in the youth. The project has helped thousands of youth get self-employment in sectors they have passion in. On the contrary, the rich in Kenya are not likely to invest in their country. They would rather travel the world seeking tax havens to safeguard their wealth. A big salute to football brothers McDonald Mariga and Victor Wanyama for setting up a soccer academy to tap young talents. There is also a combined effort by athletes from Eldoret to set up an athletics track and field in the world renowned Iten. Apart from sports, another sector that has received a boost recently is acting and comedy, thanks to all local media houses that have allocated airtime for local shows. Special thanks to Maisha Magic East crew who have given local actors a platform to showcase their talents to the world. All these efforts show that we can make it if we try.The holy scripture says "fan into flame the talents God has given us".

Kenyan Dream.

Aug 14 2017.

I have a dream That one day elections in this country will be nothing to be nervous or worried about That we will treat that period as any other That it will not be a time for Kenyans to be divided along ethnic lines But a time to unify under our democratic right and constitutional duty I have a dream That one day we won’t worship political leaders That we will understand that we hold the power That we the people, choose them That we don’t think that they are better than us but that we believe in them to lead us That they will not think of us as vessels of violence But as the masters to their service That one day being a governor or senator or whatever Won’t mean anything else but service to the people That it won’t mean “an opportunity to get oneself to Forbes list of the world’s richest people” Although that’s not a bad thing as long as it doesn’t involve swindling I want to believe that one day we’ll understand That at the end of the day, we’re all tax payers At the end of the day, we’re all Kenyan citizens Kenya is bigger than all of us Dear politicians, And I’m only using “dear” in the most conventional sense Not because I have any affection for most of you But because it is traditional and respectful to begin a plea that way Kenya is bigger than you too You have a following, platform and influence, sure! Use it to make the world a better place The world needs all of us Africa needs us Kenya needs us And we need each other Amen.

Lets Prevent The Cancer Scourge.

Lets Prevent The Cancer Scourge.

Aug 12 2017.

Every time I read the Bible in the book of Revelations and listen to Harry Styles' Signs of the times ,the cancer disease comes into the picture. My Friend Hemstone In the year 2000, he lost his grandfather whom he was so much emotionally attached to. Just as he was about to clear high school in 2012,tragedy struck again. Another family strongman, sadly, kicked the bucket. He was brother to his grandfather who had died earlier. The two brothers died in their 70s reportedly from cancer related illnesses, the former from a cancer tumour in the tooth while the latter died from throat cancer. Does it mean he is also at risk of cancer? The answer to this question lies in screening which I have been postponing day in day out. However, cancer is not entirely genetic but may occur from unhealthy lifestyle behavior. Cancer is the number three disease responsible for mortality in Kenya. A contributing factor to this is that 80% are diagnosed to have cancer at its advanced stages becoming a tall order to treat. From research though, even when diagnosed early and attacked with the latest treatments, cancer still has the power to kill. A "wholesale cure" for cancer remains elusive up to date for many reasons. There are more than 100 types of cancer characterized by cell growth. Its causes range from radiation to chemicals to viruses and its growth is unpredictable sometimes mysterious .In some patients, cancer can resurface after treatment to claim the life of the sufferer. The following are the top ten most deadly types of cancer: ◾Breast Cancer, the second most common cancer in women but can also occur in men. It forms in the ducts that carry milk from the glands to the nipples or glands that produce milk. ◾Colon and Rectal Cancer grows in the tissues of the colon. Screening is recommended to to cure polyps in case they are found before becoming cancerous. ◾Esophageal Cancer starts in the cells that line the lower part of the food-pipe .This type of cancer kills more men than women. ◾Leukemia affects blood -forming tissues of the body such as the yellow bone marrow and the lymphatic system which results in the overproduction of the white blood cells. ◾Liver and Intra hepatic duct Cancer is one of the most common cancer forms around the world. In most cases, it occurs elsewhere then spreads to the liver. ◾Lung and Bronchial Cancer is most common in people in the age bracket of 55-65.The main cause of this type is smoking and use of tobacco. ◾Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma is deadlier than its sister, Hodgkin lymphoma. It affects lymphocytes(a type of white blood cells). ◾Ovarian Cancer is the most common among women with a median age of 63.It is easy to treat but harder to detect in its early stages. ◾Pancreatic Cancer begins in the tissues of the pancreas.Detection and early treatment are difficult because it often progresses stealthily and rapidly. ◾Prostate Cancer is every man's nightmare. It is the second leading cancer in men, Some forms of this cancer are easier treat but others are more aggressive and spread quickly. According to doctors, healthy behaviour could prevent about half of cancer deaths. Here are some lifesaving tips to keep cancer at bay. ⚫Shy away from smoking and use of tobacco. Do not relent if you have been trying to quit smoking. ⚫Make arrangements to get regular screening. For more information like at what age to start and intervals, consult your physician. ⚫Reduce your alcohol consumption if you cannot completely stop. A drink a day for ladies and two for gentlemen is the dosage. It wont do you any good to 'save up' all your drinks for the week then take in excess during weekend. Its all about sacrificing. ⚫Keep a physically active lifestyle. Engage in a few exercises here and there, they do help in the long run. ⚫Keep your weight in the normal range for your height(BMI).Let it be 25 or less. Try to stay within 2 to 5 kgs of what you weighed at 18. ⚫Avoid exposure to cancer-causing substances. Avoid at all costs radiation of some banned chemicals. ⚫Eat a plant-based diet which has been proved to be a cancer-risk -reducing diet. Keep red meat no more than 100 grams. ⚫Avoid sugared drinks ,juice, desserts, candies, refined breads, bagels and chips.

How To Use Facebook To Market Your business In 2017.

How To Use Facebook To Market Your business In 2017.

Aug 09 2017.

To say every business needs a Facebook presence today would be a blatant understatement .Being the reigning champion of social media with 6.8M Kenyans visiting the site every month, 3.5 M returning every day and 97% visiting daily. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool, it's a great space to keep customers informed, develop brand identity and broaden your reach. It turns passive customers into active fans who follow news of promotions and developments and share it among their friends. It works extremely well with food, electronics, home goods, restaurant and so much more. Here are points to guide you on facebook marketing. 1.Making Most of Your Facebook Business Page. Choose a great cover photo for your page, choose a category, have a customized URL, select your target audience and add a call to action offerings and services. It includes sharing links, images, and pages on a customizable page. This is where you need to be easy, you can loosen your tie a bit, don't be afraid to be funny .Always consider what your audience would like to see. A nice mix of humor, educational resource is ideal to make your brand noticeable. 2.Hosting Facebook Contests Exclusive Talk /Workshop. Contests ,sweepstakes or promotions ensure brand awareness.You will be required to use third party apps for creating your facebook contest ,then direct users to the app from your facebook page. There are plenty paid tools to help you like shortstack and pagemodo. 3. Facebook Ads. Things to think to about before doing Ads. 🔸 Objective. Choose a campaign objective based on your marketing goals for example ; Boost posts ,promote your page, send people to your website, increase your conversions on website ,Get installs for your app, reach people near your business, etc. 🔸 Target audience. • Custom audience is from customer list and is made of existing customers for your business. • Core audience is a targeting option that allows advertisers to reach precise audiences based on location ,demographic, interests and behaviors. • Lookalike audience is away to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they are similar to your best existing customers. 🔸 Ad formats. There are various formats for example carousel ,video , photos and canvas. Don’t use low resolution pixilated pictures and videos. For video , craft your content as if it will play silently . 🔸 Measure your work. Measuring your work will help you to improve your future work . This will help you to know; • How many people were reached. • How many impressions were served. • What was the click through rate. • What was the cost per acquisition ,click ,impression etc • Who saw your Ads • Which Ad placement performed best. There are types of Facebook ads that show a user's interactions, such as facebook like to their users' friends. This method seems to capitalize on the "word of mouth" marketing concept. If a user sees that 3 of his friends like a certain page, he/she is more inclined to pay attention. The goal is to have a user take the same action as their friend. Make your Ads Short and sweet to catch your customer’s attention faster .Analysis also show that sponsored stories are 46% more effective than regular facebook ads. 4.Facebook Exchange (FBX). Facebook lets advertisers take advantage of ad retargeting on facebook through real time bidding. When a user visits a product page on a retailers website but fail to make a purchase the retailer can then display an ad for that same product on facebook with FBX.FBX was earlier relegated to only side columns but it has been recently allowed on News Feed. On News Feed, response rates are 10-50 times higher than on side columns. 5.Facebook Open Graph. Open graph lets businesses label a user's action with their app. Apart from the usual like,comment and share,open graph allows users to listen, taste and read. Spotify is a great example of how facebook open graph becomes a powerful marketing tool. This process begins right from logging in, once permission has been obtained,spotify is able to stream what songs a user is listening to from a friends News Feed. Users can like, listen or star it as a favorite on spotify. Open graph posts are more meaningful to users because they are being generated by a familiar friend removing the emphasis on established brands. As we always say, be social on social media, it isn't a soap box. Be ready to commit to being personal, talk about your know and your experiences and have some fun with it. Hopefully, this gave you some ideas about how to use facebook to market your brand/business in 2017. Always remember: 🔸Your goals +your audience + text + visuals =engaging content 🔸Determine your audience 🔸Focus on quality, composition and consistency in your visuals 🔸use video and other creative tools

Sounds From The Other Side - Wizkid

Sounds From The Other Side - Wizkid's Album Review.

Aug 02 2017.

Wizkid's new album dropped in July, Named Sounds From The Other Side. Wizkid has featured the creme de la creme of music on the international scene, making him earn a place on the table of men,musically.Starting off at a small studio in Surulere,the 27 year old has achieved the unthinkable.Not even established artists the likes of P-square,Dibanj, nor 2 Face have had their stars shinning brighter.With his abundant success in the U.S,rumours and speculations are rife that he has moved to the states but he recently set the record straight in an interview with the NetAfricanBeats. The aim is not really to cross over,I just want to make good music for the world,its not really in my mind to cross over to America.I have my own fan base which is Africa.And I just want to keep feeding that fan base and hope it grows".We sampled for you in detail his latest project. If you are a fan of Wizkid,then you definitely know what to expect,lots of love songs.The entire album has 12 tracks and 9 of this are love songs. Sweet love is the album's first track.Wizkid sings in English and his native language to match the African beats of the song.In the video,he has incorporated scenes from his concerts in African countries like Sierra Leone,Mali,Ghana.In the concerts that are mostly attended by the young women,they just break down with emotion. African bad gyal is another love- themed track on the albums track list.The video to the song has been out for some time now.The powerful message of love has been creatively laced in a crime anecdote,if you are not keen enough, you might miss the point.This is one of the few songs with a video as most tracks are only audio.Wizkid teams up with RnB superstar Chris Brown on this and the chemistry pays off quite handsomely. Ty Dolla $ign is featured on the albums track six-one for me.The Naija flavoured beats to the song are almost similar to the song Diana by fellow countryman Tekno.Wizkid has a way of making American artists bring out the African in them and Ty Dolla $ign does not escape this trick.The end result is a nice love jam that brings out a different Ty Dolla $ign from the one the world expects. Women are God's blessing to the world.Women have been compared to almost everything imaginable in love songs.Have you ever heard a song that compares a woman to something that leaves you speechless? You might have heard tracks that say a woman is a soft pillow,toyi tomato,djolof rice,bread and butter,chiwonjolo (butterfly in Luganda), queen and the list is eendless. But in Picture perfect, Wizkid stays simple as he compares his dream woman to a picture.He must have been motivated by Demarco's lyrics in his track Confessions where he says a girl looks fresh like she just came from a magazine. Other love themed songs are Sexy,Gbese, Dirty wine and All for love.Sexy has slow African beats and Starboy brings on his Naija accent on this track.Gbese is a fusion of African and American beats and its a great collabo with Trey Songz.This one has quite a high tempo that makes it nice for the dancefloor.Ty Dolla $ign is featured on yet another slow beats track Dirty wine and All for love features Bucie. No doubt Daddy Yo is the most successful single on this album.This song has had a massive airplay on local and international radio.The dancehall-themed track is that kind of song that brings the party to life.The song is loved by both the young and the old, may be due to the catchy chorus.Naughty ride is another track that has a dancehall feel although its quite slow. Wizkid features blessed-fingers producer Major Lazer on this.Come closer features American rapper Drake.Wizkid is fast on the verses and takes it slow on the chorus.Drake does the song justice with a slow rap that explains why he is making heads turn. Apart from international collabos,one thing that has made Wizkid conquer the music scene in recent times is keeping a good production team.It was a clever decision to retain beat makers who helped him gain international fame like Sarz,Legendary Beats,Spellz and Del B.He also signed a deal with Sony but the deal has not slowed him down like it did with the case of 2 Face,P Square,Seyi Shay,Burna Boy,Patoranking and Davido who did not live up to the hype on the international scene.

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